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Useful Links


Admission Forms and Links

Please see the links below for all information regarding admissions. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school

In-Year Admissions Application Form

In Year Appeal Application Form

Brookside Academy 2020-21 Admission Arrangements

SCC Primary Admission Appeals Timetable 2020

Brookside Academy 2021-22 Admission Arrangements

Brookside Academy 2022-23 Admission Arrangements

Catchment Map

Somerset Fair Access Protocol for Admission to Schools for the Academic Years 2017- 2020

Please follow the link below for Somerset County Council In-Year Admissions Information: 

Somerset County Council School Admissions

Apply to Start School

Children can start school the September after they turn four.  Applications for children to start school in September 2021 should be made via the Somerset County Council School Admissions website.  Please click this link to apply:  Apply to start school